““We are still in dark times, darker than I could have ever foreseen. We are still suffering at the hands of ignorant and dangerous men, and we are now without the physical form of Sinéad O’Connor roaming this earth, howling at its injustices and singing of love and understanding. There is no better time than now to ignite the flame of this show once again. To call to arms and gather our voices and our physical forms in recognition of the dangers we face as a people, and of a woman who faced those dangers head on. – CHRISTEENE / Paul Soileau


CHRISTEENE is a raw spirit of ferocious music, unabashed sexuality, and fiery intimate stank. The artist has collaborated with as well as performed with numerous acclaimed musicians, including Faith No More, Kembra Pfhaler, Tribe 8, Narcissister, Marc Almond and more. Longtime collaborators include award winning filmmaker PJ Raval, along with iconic fashion designer Rick Owens and artist Michèle Lamy. CHRISTEENE has been photographed by Juergen Teller, Katerina Jebb, Matt Lambert and Wolfgang Tillmans.

CHRISTEENE is also accompanied by an impressive collection of music videos released through the performer’s longtime collaborative efforts with award winning filmmaker and cinematographer, PJ Raval, as well as other guest directors.

The Artist has gathered tremendous critical acclaim for her high-octane, radical creative vision that continues to destroy all notions of normality. Spin Magazine has called CHRISTEENE “a manic combination of Alice Cooper and Hedwig (of the Angry Inch)”, and NOW Magazine titled her “Beyonce on bath salts.” CHRISTEENE “…injects both hip-hop and gay culture with a much needed dose of punk-rock humor and attitude,” said The New Yorker, and The Guardian went on to say… “Think Tina Turner or Diamanda Galás at full stretch, at the pitch of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor”. Iconoclastic designer Rick Owens (one of her longtime collaborators and friends) states, “CHRISTEENE to me represents the joy of abandon – abandoning hypocrisy and indulging your id and your primal instincts that are very innocent and very charming. There is a childlike innocence in her provocation, something very cheerful and happy to what she does. CHRISTEENE is theatre, a composition of commedia dell’arte, kabuki, Busby Berkeley Hollywood musicals, grand guignol…She counters false prudishness, false rules.”


Conceived and Performed by CHRISTEENE
Produced by ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann
Music Direction by Peter Stopschinski
The Lion and the Cobra written by Sinéad O’Connor
Originally Produced by Kamal Ackarie for Sleeper Cell Productions
World Premiere, September 2019, The Barbican, London

Gaelic translation by Lisa Connell
Production Management & Lighting Design by Jojo Franjoine
Tech Direction & Production Design by Michael Zumbrun
Choreography by Thomas Graves, Silky Shoemaker, Paul Soileau
Costume design by Lee Benjamin and Paul Soileau
BABEL collection face masks from Rick Owens

A collective reverberation to these tumultuous times channeled through Sinead O’Connor’s debut album. Joining CHRISTEENE will be her carefully curated (and affectionately named) Fukkn Band, and longtime friends and allies who have been galvanized into action by CHRISTEENE’s rallying cry. CHRISTEENE determined that as the world continued to unravel, a unified response to ideologies “that threaten our way of life” was vital. Given her work had resonated with CHRISTEENE for decades – “ her capacity to survive, her private and very public wars with the church, her compassion and vulnerability” – she has chosen once again to conduct this greater message through the anger and energy of Sinead O’Connor’s debut album ‘The Lion And The Cobra’.



March 23, 2024 | USC Visions & Voices, Bovard Auditorium, LA, CA
March 25-26, 2024 | City Winery, New York, NY
October 27, 2024 | Concert Hall, Dublin, IE