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About ArKtype

ArKtype is among the world’s leading producers of new, experimental work. Established in 2005 by producer Thomas O. Kriegsmann to support the finest in emerging and established artists based in NYC and worldwide, we support risk in live performance – creating an ever-shifting mechanism for the fulfillment of artists’ visions for new work, international collaboration, production and touring. The company has grown to encompass renowned artists from twenty-five+ different countries at any given time, limitless genres and commercial and non-profit support structures for a variety of artists and spaces. Realizing the infrastructural demands of the artist in an environment of limited funding and financial support for creative endeavors, ArKtype aims to balance infrastructural support with creative growth, allowing the artist a long-term relationship with a producing entity based on establishing the artist’s continued presence in the national and international regional theater, festival and arts presenter communities.

The company’s past work in the U.S. and abroad includes projects with Brooklyn Academy of Music, Lincoln Center Theater, New York Theatre Workshop, University Musical Society, Market Theatre – Johannesburg, Hartford Stage Company, Barbican Centre, Malthouse Theatre – Melbourne, Noorderzon Festival, Performance Space 122, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Berkeley Rep, Actors Theater of Louisville, Center Theatre Group / Mark Taper Forum, Apollo Theater, NYU/Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, Bouffes du Nord, The Public Theater, ArtsEmerson and The Kitchen, among many others. Mr. Kriegsmann’s acclaimed work as producer has been seen worldwide, proudly beginning his work in the production and development of emerging ensembles. His work includes projects with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Peter Brook, Anna Deavere Smith, Yael Farber, Daniel Fish, Annie-B Parson & Paul Lazar, Dmitry Krymov, Ohad Naharin, Lisa Peterson, Victoria Thierree-Chaplin, Julie Taymor, Tony Taccone, to name a few. His work as curating producer includes three seasons as Director of Programs at New York Live Arts, including the unprecedented festival Live Ideas: MENA/Future – Cultural Transformations in the Middle East North Africa Region, and an additional three seasons producing the Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Ringling International Arts Festival in Sarasota, FL, as well as curating live events for three seasons at South Street Seaport’s Spiegelworld and producing the Fresh Terrain Festival of Performance Theater in Austin, TX, which later became the Under the Radar Festival. Recent premieres include Sam Green’s 32 SOUNDS (Oscar Shortlist), 600 HIGHWAYMEN’s A THOUSAND WAYS, John Cameron Mitchell’s THE ORIGIN OF LOVE, Christeene’s THE LION, THE WITCH & THE COBRA ft. Peaches, Bryce Dessner’s TRIPTYCH (EYES OF ONE ONE ANOTHER) with Roomful of Teeth, Kaneza Schaal & Christopher Myers’ CARTOGRAPHY, Nora Chipaumire’s #PUNK100%POP*NIGGA and NEHANDA, Sam Green & Kronos Quartet’s A THOUSAND THOUGHTS, Big Dance Theater / Mikhail Baryshnikov’s MAN IN A CASE, Jessica Black & Erik Jensen’s HOW TO BE A ROCK CRITIC, Byron Au Yong & Aaron Jafferis’ TRIGGER in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre, the U.S. premiere of Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theater’s NOT BY BREAD ALONE, Andrew Ondrejcak & Shara Worden’s YOU US WE ALL (BAM Next Wave Festival), The Freedom Theatre’s THE SIEGE, and Peter Sellars & Regg Roc’s FLEXN. Additional recent collaborations include 600 HIGHWAYMEN (Brooklyn), Bryce Dessner (New York, Paris), Rude Mechs (Austin, TX), Big Dance Theater (New York), Byron Au Yong & Aaron Jafferis (Settle/New Haven), John Cameron Mitchell (New York), CHRISTEENE, Kaneza Schaal & Christopher Myers (Brooklyn), Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen (Brooklyn), Sam Green (Brooklyn), Compagnia T.P.O. (Italy), Nora Chipaumire (Zimbabwe/New York). He recently produced the first citywide festival edition of UNDER THE RADAR and planning the Festival’s 20th Edition in 2025. He made his Broadway debut in 2024 with Sufjan Stevens & Justin Peck’s ILLINOISE, Bryce Dessner & Kaneza Schaal’s UNTITLED OCEAN VUONG PROJECT, Sam Green’s UNTITLED TREES DOCUMENTARY PROJECT with Yo La Tengo & Gabriella Smith, and Penny Arcade’s autobiographical epic THE ART OF BECOMING. He is a founding member of CIPA (The Creative & Independent Producer Alliance).

ArKtype is a proud founding member of CIPA – the Creative & Independent Producer Alliance.

ArKtype Discography

No. 001 World/Inferno Friendship Society’s ADDICTED TO BAD IDEAS: PETER LORRE’s 20th CENTURY, Directed by Jay Scheib (Fall 2008)
No. 002 The Farber Foundry’s MoLoRa, Adapted and Directed by Yael Farber, Market Theater, Johannesburg, SA (Spring 2008)
No. 003 Peter Brook’s THE GRAND INQUISITOR featuring Bruce Myers, From The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky, Off-Broadway Premiere, Adaption by Marie-Hélène Estienne, Directed by Peter Brook (Fall 2008)
No. 004 IN PARIS (A Play) starring Mikhail Baryshnikov, Adapted from the short story by Ivan Bunin, Direction and Adaptation by Dmitry Krymov (Spring 2011)
No. 005 Phantom Limb’s LEMONY SNICKET’S THE COMPOSER IS DEAD, Directed by Tony Taccone (Fall 2011)
No. 006 Phantom Limb’s 69°S., Co-Conceived by David Harrington / Kronos Quartet, Directed by Sophie Hunter (Fall 2012)
No. 007 Jay Scheib’s WORLD OF WIRES, Adapted and Directed by Scheib after the film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Jan 2012)
No. 008 Nalaga’at Theater’s NOT BY BREAD ALONE (US Premiere), Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, New York, NY (Jan/Feb 2013)
No. 009 MAN IN A CASE, from two short stories by Anton Chekhov, Adapted and Directed by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar/Big Dance Theater, featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov (Feb 2013)
No. 010 Aaron Jafferis & Byron Au Yong’s STUCK ELEVATOR, Directed by Chay Yew and Produced in Association with ACT, San Francisco, Festival of Arts & Ideas / Long Wharf Theater, New Haven, CT (Jun 2013)
No. 011 Dayna Hanson’s THE CLAY DUKE, Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, Holland & On the Boards, Seattle (August/December 2013)
No. 012 Jay Scheib’s PLATONOV or THE DISINHERITED & “THE DISINHERITED” (Live Performance Cinema Simulcast), Adapted and Directed by Jay Scheib, La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA & The Kitchen, New York, NY (October 2013 & January 2014)
No. 013 Mikel Rouse & Ben Neill’s THE DEMO (Feb 2014)
No. 014 Denis O’Hare & Lisa Peterson’s AN ILIAD, Touring Version (Fall 2013)
No. 015 Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen’s HOW TO BE A ROCK CRITIC: BASED ON THE WRITINGS OF LESTER BANGS, Written by Jessica Black & Erik Jensen, Directed by Jessica Blank (October 2015, Under the Radar Jan 2018)
No. 016 Sam Green’s THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS (w/ yMusic & Todd Griffin / Brendan Canty / Catherine McRae), Written and Directed by Sam Green (Spring 2014)
No. 017 Andrew Ondrejcak and Shara Worden’s YOU US WE ALL, in collaboration with Baroque Orchestration X, designed and directed by Andrew Ondrecjak (June 2014)
No. 018 Aaron Jafferis & Byron Au Yong’s TRIGGER (World Premiere: March 2017 @ Virginia Tech’s Moss Arts Center; April 2017 @ MDC Live, Miami, FL; May 2017 @ International Festival of Arts & Ideas, New Haven, CT)
No. 019 Peter Sellars & Regg Roc’s FLEXN, in collaboration with members of the FLEXN community (September 2015)
No. 020 Live Ideas: MENA/Future – Cultural Transformations in the Middle East North Africa Region (Feb-April 2016)
No. 021 Andrew Ondrejcak’s ELIJAH GREEN, Written, directed and designed by Andrew Ondrejcak, Choreography by John Jasperse, Soundscape by Kristin Worrall, Additional music by Shara Worden (June 2016, The Kitchen, NYC)
No. 022 Sam Green + Kronos Quartet’s A THOUSAND THOUGHTS, Written & Directed by Sam Green, Featuring Kronos Quartet (Spring 2018)
No. 023 Kaneza Schaal + Christopher Myers’ CARTOGRAPHY, Created by Kaneza Schaal & Chris Myers (Kennedy Center, Jan 2019)
No. 024 Bryce Dessner’s TRIPTYCH (EYES OF ONE ON ANOTHER) featuring Roomful of Teeth, with Libretto by Korde Arrington Tuttle and Direction by Kaneza Schaal (Concert Version: LA Philharmonic, Feb 2019; Full Theatrical Version: University Musical Society, Ann Arbor, March 2019)
No. 025 John Cameron Mitchell’s THE ORIGIN OF LOVE featuring Amber Martin (Feb 2019)
No. 026 THIS IGNORANT PRESENT from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, featuring Scott Shepherd, Directed by Paul Lazar (April 2021)
No. 027 Sam Green’s 32 SOUNDS, score by JD Samson, written, performed and directed by Sam Green (Spring 2022)
No. 028 John Cameron Mitchell + Amber Martin’s CASSETTE ROULETTE (July 2022)
No. 029 nora chipaumire’s NEHANDA (September 2022)
No. 030 Jenn Freeman & Sonya Tayeh’s IS IT THURSDAY YET? (July 2023)
No. 031 Sufjan Stevens & Justin Peck’s ILLINOISE (Broadway Premiere April 2024)
No. 032
600 HIGHWAYMEN + Talking Band’s THE FOLLOWING EVENING (January 2024)
No. 033 Penny Arcade’s THE ART OF BECOMING (2024-25)
No. 034 Bryce Dessner + Kaneza Schaal’s UNTITLED OCEAN VUONG PROJECT (2025-26)
No. 035 Lars Jan’s ROAM (2025-26)

Past Partners

Peter Brook / Theatre Bouffe du Nord (Paris)
Royal Court Theatre (UK)
Big Dance Theater (New York)
Baryshnikov Productions (New York)
Theatre for A New Audience (New York)
Yael Farber / Farber Foundry (Johannesburg/Montreal)
Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theatre (Tel Aviv)
Jo Stromgren Kompani (Norway)
Full Circle Productions (New York)
Pop Master Fabel (New York)
Rude Mechs (Austin, TX)
Aurelia’s Oratorio / Victoria Thiérrée-Chaplin (France)
The TEAM (New York)
Jay Scheib (New York)
World/Inferno Friendship Society (New York)
Homer’s Coat / Lisa Peterson & Denis O’Hare (New York)
Soho Rep (New York)