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The Nalaga’at Deaf-blind Acting Ensemble was founded in order to integrate deaf-blind people into the community, promote their needs and aspirations and provide them with the opportunity to express themselves and exercise one of the most basic rights – to contribute to society. Their performances enhance public awareness of deaf-blind people as equal citizens and promote universal values of solidarity, mutual respect, tolerance and coexistence, while offering the greatest gift of all - the gift of art.

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Created by Adina Tal and Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theater Ensemble
Conceived and Directed by Adina Tal
Original Music: Amnon Baaham
“Dancing Closely” Written and Performed by Zvi Tal
Set Design: Eithan Ronel
Costume Design: Dafna Grossman
Lighting Design: Ori Rubinstein
Props: Liron Koren
Executive Producer, International Tour: ArKtype / Thomas O. Kriegsmann

US PREMIERE: January 16 – February 3, 2013
NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts

“NOT BY BREAD ALONE” is everything good theatre should be….a thought-provoking, experience-broadening, emotionally inspiring experience that should open the eyes and hearts of the viewer. Mazel tov to Adina Tai and the Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theater Ensemble of Israel.” -Broadway World

“It’s a test of theater itself, the way good work can communicate across the boundaries of darkness and silence.” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

In Not By Bread Alone eleven deaf-blind actors take the audience on a magical tour of the districts of their inner world; the world of darkness, silence and…bread. As the process of bread making unfolds on stage – the dough is being kneaded, raised and baked “for real” – a unique encounter occurs between actors and audience. Together they re-enact vivid or distant memories, recall forgotten dreams and joyful moments and ‘touch’ the spark of creation present in every one of us. The actors take the spectators into those magical moments between reality and fantasy, between grandeur and ridicule, always eventually returning to the basic meaning of bread as a symbol of our longing for a home. “Not by Bread Alone [man lives]” – the actors declare, repeatedly emphasizing the importance of their interaction with the audience and their need for human relations, which is more crucial to us all than the need for bread.

Capacity: 350 – 1000
Stage: Proscenium (audience accessible)
Personnel: 35-40

PRINCE INDIK (Family Theater Program)

Based on the story “The Indik” by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev

Written, created and directed by Adina Tal and Dani Erlich

Performed by the deaf/hearing-impaired and blind/sight-impaired staff of BlackOut Restaurant and Café Kapish.

In a kingdom far, far away, there is much hustle and bustle as Prince Indik is about to be married! Preparations are under way and the air is filled with excitement, until suddenly, the prince starts behaving as if he were a rooster! What can be done?? The wedding is tomorrow! After healing treatments fail to help, and just before completely giving up, the royal court embarks on a great quest to find the cure. They sail over high waters, march in the deep woods and beyond the black mountain. An adventurous journey! But only when they are far away do they realize that the solution to the prince’s problem was right in front of them the whole time: Once they relax their hold over the prince and understand that sometimes we are all a bit of a “rooster”, the great transformation occurs…

*BLACKOUT RESTAURANT (Immersive Community Dining)

An exceptional culinary adventure that triggers your senses. In total darkness, diners are served various dishes, escorted by blind waiters. When the eyes do not engage in the eating process, one’s ability to taste and smell food is sharpened. There is so much to be “seen” when eyes are closed.

*CAFÉ KAPISH (Immersive Community Dining)

A coffee shop, offering a variety of light dishes, fine coffee and an out-of-the-ordinary communication experience. The deaf and hearing-impaired waiters of Café Kapish will engage in a dialogue with customers in a language until now unfamiliar to most – sign language. Patrons will be amazed to find out how pleasant and easy communicating without words can be and how an ordinary night out can become an ‘out of this world’ experience.


A one-hour workshop opens a window onto the world of the deaf.  A Nalaga’at team of deaf instructors will teach the basic “words” of sign language in a creative, humoristic and associative manner.  The workshop provides an educational experience by teaching a visual language and a rather different form of communication.


A one-hour pottery workshop performed in total darkness. Darkness provides the opportunity for a personal and reflective creativity, undeterred by normative standards of aesthetics. This extraordinary and emotional workshop enables its participants to discover just how creative they really are. The workshop is conducted by a Nalaga’at team of blind instructors.

Photos by Avshalow Ahrarony & Tomer Shov

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Not By Bread Alone